Korea Research Fellowship Program (KRF program) : Daejeon, Korea, South

Announcement of Korea Research Fellowship (KRF) for Postdoctoral Researchers – (2nd round in 2016)

The MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) and NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea) welcome application from prospective overseas Ph.D. researchers to join Korea Research Fellowship (KRF) program. This program is designed to help overseas post-doc researchers produce outstanding achievements and pursue mutual growth in South Korea. Interested candidates are requested to file an application in accordance with the relevant procedures.

● Eligibility: Overseas post-doc researchers who have obtained their doctoral degree within the past five years from June 30th, 2016

● Fields of Research: All fields in science and technology

Preference fields: high correlation fields related to 10 major category investment strategies such as ICT/SW, biotechnology, energy resources, nano materials, machinery, agriculture/fishery and food , aerospace/aviation and marine, construction and transportation, meteorological environment, and basic research field of science.

● Duration of fellowship : Up to five years
(Less than a 2 year research period will be not be acceptable)

● Level of Funding: Up to KRW 70 million per annum (personnel costs, living expenses, etc. for KRF fellow)

● Quota for the Second round of 2016: Around 20 fellows
※ The total no. of KRF fellows selected in 2016 will be about 40.

● Qualifications
– Host institution: Government-supported research institutes, national and public research institutes, universities and university-affiliated research institutes, corporate research institutes*

Corporate research institutes are those established as SMEs and venture businesses under Article 14 (1) of the Basic Research Promotion and Technology Development Support Act and Article 16 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act

– Foreign-national researchers who have obtained their doctoral degree within the past five years (as of June 30, 2016)

– Korean-national researchers currently residing overseas who have obtained their doctoral degree (from a non-Korean university) within the past five years (as of June 30, 2016)

● How to apply

1. Application submission period: July 19th, 2016 to August 23rd, 2016 (5 p.m.)(Date/Time is based on Korea Local Time (UTC/GMT +9 hours)

2. Application from a Korean Host Researcher
Applications for the KRF program must be submitted toERND system of NRF by the host researchers in Korea through the head of his/her institution. Overseas researchers wishing to participate in the KRF program are advised to establish contact with a Korean researcher in their field and to ask him/her to submit an application.

3. For overseas researchers wishing to participate in theKRF program but currently do not have a host researcher in Korea

– For the second round 2016 of the KRF announcement, interested overseas postdoc researchers who have not secured the host institutions in Korea(hereafter applicants) may submit their full CVs with a proposed research plan for KRF program according to the [form 4 appendix] via email on: Jenny@krf-help.net
-Upon submitted documents, successful applicants screened will be recommended to the appropriate institutions and prospective host researchers in Korea.

※Only successful applicants will be recommended to the prospective host institutions in Korea after screening by the review board and advisory committee.

※ For the second round of KRF 2016, documents must be submitted by Aug. 4th to be considered for screening in order to recommend to the Korean institutions , and the host researcher must submit the KRF application(form 2 appendix) by August 23rd once an official decision is made to host the candidate after confirmation with their respective host institution and the applicant.

※ KRF support team(email: Jenny@krf-help.net) under NRFis accepting application documents all year around. Applicants who submit documents after Aug. 4th 2016 will be considered for the first round of KRF 2017(Early 2017)

● Submission of KRF application: Online submission via the research support system (ERND) of the National Research Foundation of Korea (http://ernd.nrf.re.kr) by host researcher.

※ Applications will be accepted only for projects that obtain approval from their host institutions within the application period.

● Necessary documents to be submitted: Refer to [Note 1] and Appendix forms.

※ For Appendix forms, please request from jenny@krf-help.net

● Contact Information
– KRF program: Academic Infrastructure Support Team,NRF
(+82 42-869-6577/6378(for English)/ 6415)
-On-line KRF Application : NRF researcher help system (1544-6118, Help Desk)

● Evaluation Procedures
1)Reviewing Requirements➡ NRF: Screening qualifications

2)Selection Evaluation➡ Evaluation Committee: (1) Document examination (2) Presentation

※ On-site inspection, if necessary
※ Presentation (interview) will be scheduled for both host researchers and overseas postdoc researchers (candidates) who have passed documents examination screening.

3)Final Selection ➡ Operating Committee: Announcement on selection results

● Assessment Criteria
∙ The quality of the proposed research project and necessity of support

∙ Candidates’ capacity, potential, and willingness to participate in the KRF program

∙ Plans for supporting the growth (settlement) of candidates; infrastructure of host institutions

∙ Suitability of proposal to the KRF program/objectives and appropriate amount of research grants

● Schedule for the Second Round of KRF 2016

-July 19th(Tue.), 2016 : Announcement of the second-round KRF program of 2016

-Aug.23rd(Tue.) , 2016 : KRF Application closed(17:00 Korea time)

– September, 2016 : Selection evaluation (document / presentation)

-End of September, 2016 : Final selection

● Restrictions to Application or Participation

– KRF fellows are required to enter the Republic of Korea and commence research within three months from the date of final selection.

– Host researchers subject to restrictions for participation in national R&D projects are allowed to apply and participate only if the period of such restriction terminates before the deadline for application submission.

– This program is excluded from the projects subject to the restrictions (The number of R&D projects that can be simultaneously conducted by a host researcher shall not exceed five, among which the number of R&D projects that can be simultaneously conducted as a principal investigator (PI) shall not exceed three) referred to in Article 32 of the Regulations on Management, etc. of National Research and Development Projects.

Note 1 Materials to be Submitted
Appendix 2. KRF application form
3. KRF guideline
4. Introduction of overseas postdoc researcher(for seeking host institutions)

[Note 1]

1.KRF application :
※ Candidates are required to fill out the forms by themselves and submit by including them in the relevant field in “II. Overseas Post-doc Researcher” of project plans.
2. Agreement to personal information utilization
3. Cover letter and project plans of candidate
4. Resume of Candidate
5 .Certificate of Ph.D. degree and proof of working experience of Candidate
6. Letters of recommendations- for candidate
7. Host institutions’ confirmation to provide support
8. Other certificates(Language-related certificates, etc.)
9. Evidential document for corporate research institute
※ 1~7 :Mandatory / 8~9: If applicable

※ If any documents required are written in a language other than Korean or English, a Korean or English translation must be attached.
※ Any false information in documents submitted may lead to withdrawal of selection even after the final evaluation.
※These guidelines have been translated from original Korean documents with regards to Korean research. Therefore, this translation has focused on providing the main contents and points to overseas post-doc researchers for better understanding. If you have any further comments or questions, please contact your host researcher or email on tmkim/jsj14/pat@nrf.re.kr

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